Ascot’s sponsored young rider 2016-17

Earlier this month, Sonic and I were given the opportunity to have a lesson with Mary King! We had a two hour lesson working on our flatwork and jumping.

During the flatwork lesson, we worked on getting the correct bend on each rain and making sure I didn’t over do it and have too much bend.

After doing flatwork, we moved on jumping. We started over a bounce which then turned into a grid further on into the lesson. Mary also asked us to jump various lines on different strides and angles during the jumping lesson.

I would just like to thank Ascot Timber Buildings for this incredible opportunity and i would also like to thank Mary King for having us!!

Rocksea and I are heading to the national Championships this weekend for the Discovery final and then, we are taking both Rocksea and Sonic to Scope Festival at the end of August….. Busy couple of weeks ahead!